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New girl in town

Hello! I joined a few days ago and have been meaning to say hello to everyone.
I'm 25 and live in IL. I've owned a Toyota for 6 years, my first was a 96 Corolla which I recently gave to my mom.
For the past month I have driven my pride and joy, a 05 Prius which I love to pieces.

I saved up for her for 2 years to get a decent down payment and she was worth every penny. These pics were cross-posted.

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hehe welcome! nice to have some one new on board! mmmm besides being in love with celicas, I've found Prius' to be awesome too! My dad has the same one you too, and when he first showed it to me I was amazed what that thing can do. That navigation system is just sooo cool, and it drives and rides sooo smoothly I mean..it didn't even feel like the car was on. Plus with gas prices going up...the Prius is a pretty good car to have. Yours is niiiiice ^_^
Thanks for the welcome!
I like Celicas too, but I think they are a little too sporty for my taste. I have seen some really nice moded out ones though.

Yeah it's weird that you can't hear all the regular noise you're used to driving a different car.
Welcome! Toyota's rule. On another note, we learned about Hybrid cars in my college science class today and the teacher said that even though the Prius is really fuel efficient, you still don't save much money in the long run. I thought that was rather interesting. But anyway, it's a cute car and I've also heard they ride really smooth.
I'm not sure what they meant about not saving in the long run but for me I have gone 2+ weeks without filling up and in the state of IL I would receive a 2,000 standard deduction to claim when I do my taxes. Granted I shelled out quite a bit off money only because I got it fully-loaded.

She is beautiful, and it drives great. It's so light and it really is a smooth drive.
cuteness! welcome to the community! i drive an '03 Corolla!
Thanks!! :D
Your car is great. I love it. I plan on getting the Prius as my next car. It's the best hybrid out there in opinion.