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what use is the wind if you can't fly a kite?

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i should have guessed there happened to be a toyotagirls community( www.toyotagirls.com, anyone? heh). one or two(or none...) of you might recognize me from there...i WAS a member for a short time, till the initial popularity died. i'm also a frequent poster (and instigator, i'm afraid...) on www.vvt-i.net and www.vvti.net, and i'm one of the few US members of www.corollacustomz.ca

anywhat...on with the car!

i've been a corolla owner/fan for about 8 years now. my first car was a 1994 DX that i smooshed to bits after years of torture...my second(and current) is a 2001 S...my third, which lasted me a whopping 2 weeks before i sold it for a massive profit was a 1985 SR5 5pd.

these were taken before i lowered the car:
Seneca State Park meet
Seneca State Park meet

as she sat at the beginning of this year:
Spring 05

i've since gotten rid of the wheels, as i'm saving up for a good set of 16" wheels. i have a few in mind, but all are expensive...naturally.

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