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Hello!  This is my re-introduction.  I am Angie.  I have two Toyota's now.  Had a Volvo but it got totaled while sitting parked!  Anyway, replaced it with a 97 Toyota Camry XLE V6.  My other car is a '91 Toyota Supra turbo that has had some work done it and is going to be getting more.  Mostly all performance work.

Here is a picture of when I bought it in Tampa, FL.

I have some new-er pictures but haven't got them online yet.

Here is a picture of the Camry from where I got it.  Looked at that new Lexus IS350.  I want one!  :)

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That Supra is beautiful. You're making me jealous :)
Thanks. My Supra is my fav! It has also taken much of my money also. And is ready to take more. :( But when we get out both me and her get the occasional looks from the guys. ;)
Occasional looks? You're kidding right? EVERY time my boyfriend & myself pass a supra, we both gawk. We just can't help it - those cars are AMAZING!
We passed a black one (the newer style) yesterday, and both of us nearly got whiplash trying to stare at it for as long as humanly possible. :) I honestly think it's one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

What have you done to it?

BTW, I'm Mitch, and while I don't own a toyota, I really really want a Yaris. I own a Yamaha Zuma scooter [with a 70cc kit, race pipe, new variator, and a few other performance parts], and between me & my bf we own an 87 300ZX [stock], an 89 turbo Mirage - its the only year they made the Mirage in a turbo [it's our baby - we just dropped a new head on it last month] & soon-to-own a 95 Summit van (AWD! YAY!) that will soon be turbo as well [we'll be picking it up in the next few days]. Unfortunately, my Yaris will have to wait. But we're having fun fixing up our older cars & playing with them for the moment.
Hi Mitch. Is Mitch short for .... I don't know?

The Supra's that get all the looks are the MKIV's. My MKIII gets occasional looks but the MKIV always gets the looks. I know a guy who has a 1200hp Supra that he is selling but it is WWWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYY expensive. It is a beautiful car.

Ive had just a few things done due to having a mechanic mess up a head gasket job. :( It has a 75mm HKS exhaust, AEM cam gears, Greddy Belt, Titan metal bead head gasket, ARP head studs, RC engineering 550 injectors (up from the stock 440) and a Walbro fuel pump.

Right now its waiting to have the bottom end of the engine re-done. I always take it to mechanics who understand performance after that guy messed it up the first time.
Mitch is a nickname, I try to not give out my real name online - I prefer NOT to have contact with certain old friends from highschool who I want to stay out of touch with (I'm better off not having negative people in my life), and not having my real name all over the internet makes it harder for them to reach me :) I moved from PA to CA, so I don't have to deal with them in RL, but I simply don't want to have to deal with them at all.

Yeah, that generation is amazing, but I love the older styles, too. ALL Supras are drool-worthy. :)
And 1200hp? Wow. I'd kill myself. No question. I simply couldn't handle it :) But I'd have a lot of fun until I died!

It's sad how so many mechanics have no idea what they are doing... We finally found a decent mechanic out here, but nothing ever runs quite like it used to after we take our cars ANYWHERE. I'm lucky in that my b/f can fix almost anything.
mmmmmmm. Supra. *drools*
oooo supra! you live in tampa?
Actually I bought the Supra in Tampa. I have a friend from high school and she and her family live there. I live in Ohio.
AAAHHH!!! You work at Disney!!! You are my new friend! I love Disney! Where do you work at there?
yea i work at POP CENTURY RESORT in teh gift shop - so if you ever stay there look for me - Cheryl (the one with the 1 year steamboat willi pin on the nametag)
Pop Century Resort? Is that a new-er area? Last time I was there we stayed at the Dolphin. They seem to always be adding on down there.


August 25 2006, 14:51:57 UTC 11 years ago

pop was new in 2000. yea i never stayed at DOLPHIN - its not a disney resort - it is just on disney property and we put disney stuff in it to blend in. but i hear its nice.
I had a Volvo that got totaled as well. That makes two of us D: