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2nd hello

Well I can see that this community isn't really all that active but I thought I would (re)-join.
I used to drive an '83 tercel, which commited suicide about two years ago. I then drove a corolla, as well as a camry. UNTIL this July, when to my surprise I randomly saw my dream car sitting in a car lot here in my home town.

My yellow celica was bought the day after. I love her. Has anyone had any experiance tuning a GT? It's not all that fast stock and I'd really like to turbo it. The transmission in these cars are fantastic. So I've heard anyways. I plan on chipping it in the near future because well hey, it's an automatic hp gain right?

But anyways...this is my baby.
2002 Celica GT
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more under the cut.I love her haha.

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  • 8 comments - for all your celi needs. :)
It looks nice. This community is asleep but, look you posted. lol =)
Pretty...pretty yellow lady! But interesting to see the difference in the interior...compared to my European Celica version *g* Have her red 'sister'...but no chip-tuning here either. Not yet at least. I was considering wing-doors though *scratches chin* I have seen one at the Essen Motor Show this year...HOT! :-P
aahhh I HATE wing doors on the 'licas. I think it's just me, but i think they look soo funny.
*scratches chin*

Does it? Dunno...kinda like it though. Would make things way easier in small parking lots *lol*
Car looks nice. I like that version Celica. Then again they all have had their uniqueness. Check out for mods and tuning stuff. I have got some things for my Supra there and also at - I think the carry Celica things also.
thank you muchly!
I love your car. I also have an 02 celica gt. I love it! It's such a great car.