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The Smart Girls Drive Toyota

Toyota Chix
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Hi! Welcome! This community is for all those wonderful women out there who appreciate the beauty and quality of Toyota. (Sorry, no guys allowed.) We accept all years and models, so long as it's a Toyota! ^.~ Don't have a car? Not a problem. If you have the love for toyota in your heart, then join us! We accept members from all parts of the world. Thanks so much for checking us out! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at branchan@livejournal.com.




Here is a list of some of our drivers and their cars.

5ar13 2000 Solara SE V6
angellerika 2000 Avalon XLS
agentpistacio 1999 Corolla CE
b18ch1ck 2001 Prius
bc145 2003 Rav4
beach_hottie 2004 Scion xB
branchan 2002 2-door Echo
caelyth 1992 Celica GT
crystal185 1993 Tercel (formerly 1996 Paseo)
cowkitty 2003 Matrix XR
dreamfairygurl 1991 Celica GT
emmiem 2005 Matrix in Indigo Ink Pearl
egregiousnes 4-door Echo
equiraptor 1984 Camry (former car)
ladyfairydust 2004 Celica GTS
femmeimmortalle 2004 Tacoma
geminiye 1997 Paseo
geetargeek 2005 Matrix XR
givinguponyou 1994 Supra Twin Turbo
jennimaria 2003 Celica GTS
jojothepezgirl 1992 Camry XLE
kaffy 2006 Scion xA in Slasa Red Pearl
katiedarling 1988 Celica ST, 2005 Scion xA, formerly 2001 Echo, 1985 Celica GT-S, in the market for an older-model Camry.
katiyen 2005 Scion tC
kill_the_sun 1994 Celica, 1990 MR2 GT, 1992 MR2 GTS
kitessa 1987 Celica SX ("GT" in the States)with an MR2 engine
liltntluv 2003 Corolla LE
little_sins 2005 Corolla S
lumbergirl13 2004 Corolla LE
mabesty 2003 MR2 Spyder
philippa_k 2001 Yaris
miareturns 2005 Corolla in Indigo Ink (formerly drove a 1989 Corolla)
michellita 2003 Celica GT
mintbritchick 2003 2-door Echo
missfortune 2004 Scion xA
moimoijai 1992 Paseo (former car), 1997 Paseo convertible
niankhsekhmet 1990 SR5 4Runner
omnigurl 1981 Tercel Liftback, 1980 Tercel SR5
pocket_cutie 2003 Camry & 1999 Avalon
queeniexb 2004 Scion xB, 2001 Corolla S
ricedispenser 2003 Rav4 L
sayiwont 1992 Camry
scandalouscynce 2005 Scion tC in super white
seaturtles 2002 Corolla Sport
shadeofinsanity 2002 Echo, 2005 Scion xB
shesgotaboner 1983 Tercel
shaydz 2004 Corolla S
st_tic 2005 Scion tC in flint mica
sightfuldreamer 1996 Corolla
silent_lucidity 2000 Celica GT (totalled by a drunk driver on 2/16/05). Now driving a Nissan Frontier.
sketchmeimprfct 1992 4 Runner
spiralfromgrace 1984 Celica GTS Liftback
slythrntimelord 2005 Tundra
subby 2005 Scion tC
aprilfool29 1988 Corolla FX
sw4y 1984 Sprinter
swingkitten9 2001 Celica GTS
thegoal_issoul 1999 Solara SE V6
tamaleconsalsa 2003 Matrix XR
toyota_kitten 1997 Rav4 & 2004 Scion xB
violentj_ 1998 Tacoma
witchkeep 1985 Corolla FWD
thedoyleswife 2003 Corolla S
xfocus 2000 Celica GT
you8mycracker 2005 Scion tC