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The Smart Girls Drive Toyota

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  2008.07.26  00.40

My girl Toyota AYGO. Realy nice.


  2008.04.20  16.08
Howdy howdy!

Hi! I am new here, and I thought I'd post because I am a brand-new Toyota Chick.

Several years ago I got out of a Jeep Cherokee and into a Kia Sephia and I was so very displeased that I got out of the Kia in a matter of months and went back to a Cherokee, swearing I'd never own another car that wasn't a Jeep.

Well, with gas prices and costs of ownership being what they are these days, I had to go back on my promise, and I am now the proud owner of a 2008 Yaris! I LOVE IT. It's so little and cute and sporty and it goes meep-meep like the Roadrunner when I hit the horn!!!! eeeeee! ^_^

Anyway, yeah, I'm a dork. :) But I also love my new Yaris. I've already put almost 200 miles on it (I bought it last Thursday) and I've barely used a quarter of a tank of gas. I can't believe the fuel economy. If I was still driving my '00 Cherokee, I'd have already had to fill it up by now. And since I drive 50 miles a day or thereabouts going to school and back again, this is AMAZING for me.

Anyway... Hi! ^_^


  2008.02.26  14.31

Hii everyone, i'm new and just wanted to make a quick post. I drive a 02 toyota celica...i absolutely love, love, love my car, but i'm considering buying a scion tc...any thoughts? here are some pictures of my lovely car (:

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  2006.12.28  02.19
2nd hello

Well I can see that this community isn't really all that active but I thought I would (re)-join.
I used to drive an '83 tercel, which commited suicide about two years ago. I then drove a corolla, as well as a camry. UNTIL this July, when to my surprise I randomly saw my dream car sitting in a car lot here in my home town.

My yellow celica was bought the day after. I love her. Has anyone had any experiance tuning a GT? It's not all that fast stock and I'd really like to turbo it. The transmission in these cars are fantastic. So I've heard anyways. I plan on chipping it in the near future because well hey, it's an automatic hp gain right?

But anyways...this is my baby.
2002 Celica GT
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
more under the cut.I love her haha.
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  2006.08.23  11.07

Hello!  This is my re-introduction.  I am Angie.  I have two Toyota's now.  Had a Volvo but it got totaled while sitting parked!  Anyway, replaced it with a 97 Toyota Camry XLE V6.  My other car is a '91 Toyota Supra turbo that has had some work done it and is going to be getting more.  Mostly all performance work.


  2006.08.23  23.04

Hey ladies! It's that time of year (you know, whenever I get around to it....), and I was going to update the info page with the list of our members and their cars.

So, who are you, and what do you drive?

I'm Katie. I have a sad little '88 Celica ST (no engine. *weeps*), currently driving the '05 Scion xA, and living with an '85 Celica GT-S. As I get ready to have a baby in a couple of months, I am looking for another "mommy car." I seem to be leaning toward getting another Echo or getting an older Camry.


  2006.07.17  19.37
win a car!

www.scionevents.com....click where it says enter now!


  2006.07.17  10.22
scion tc

i just got on lj and i didnt realize there were communities like this. this is cool...i actually own a scion tc. if anyone is interested ive also helped on the scion street team...

go to scionevents.com

sign up


  2006.06.30  01.35
Hey Chickies!

Hi Girls!
In case you hadn't noticed I am new to this community and wanted to say hi y'all!!
I am the owner of an 05 Corolla Sport which I wouldnt trade for anything!
Looking forward to chatting with everyone:)


  2006.04.06  14.26

Hi I'm new to this community. I have 4 Toyota trucks I have a silver 89 single cab I drive daily, a 96 black extended cab I occasionally drive and two off-roading trucks. I have an blue 82 single cab truck that is completely stripped with 35 inch Buckshots on the front and 35 inch Super Swamper Boggers on the back that is just used for Mud racing/bogging. I compete every summer in my "race truck" at all the different fairs throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. My 4th truck is just used for trail riding/4-wheeling it is an 85 extended cab with the same tire set-up as my "race truck". Both my off-roading trucks have a weber carbureator with offenhauser intakes and port and polished 20r heads. My step-dad worked for Toyota for about fifteen years and he taught me every trick of the trade he knows. I'm very passionate about Toyota's everyone in my Family drives one except for my step-dad's Chevy. I have built all my trucks with junk that we pieced together from spare parts and had great success with it!


  2006.04.03  16.28
Adding turbo

Hi gals! :D

I have a MR2 spyder (2003) and I was thinkin' about adding Turbo (A TTE turbo kit) to it but I'm afraid that the ugrade will effect other parts of the car. I'm also worried about how that will effect the warranty as well. Has anyone added turbo to their car and experienced any problems with the Toyota warranty?


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  2006.03.21  15.00
Just found this community.

Hi everyone! Just stumbled onto this group. I am a Toyota fan and also have turned into a big fan of road racing in the last many years. My first Toyota was an '87 Supra and also had an '88 Camry. Right now I own a '91 Supra turbo that has a lot of engine work done. It's good to know a great mechanic who can fill a girls need for speed.


  2006.01.15  17.13

So I got an iPod for my birthday and I need a way to hook it up to my car.

I have an 05 Corolla CE. I haven't searched to detailed yet, but is there an AUX plug somewhere in the new Corollas? Anyone else have an mp3 player they use in their car? What do you use? I don't really want to get an fm transmitter because I haven't heard anything good about any of them. I don't want to spend a fortune, but I'm not saying I want something cheap, I'll pay for something if it's worth it, if you know what I mean. I don't want to sepnd hundreds of dollars installing an entire new system, but I won't mind paying a high price for something that will work.

Help me! I need my music in my car, and I think everyone here feels the same way.

Go go Toyota!

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  2005.12.13  10.51

Hi All!
This looks like a pretty cool community.
I drive a 2005 Tacoma access cab (its a 4 cylinder, but has 4x4 and a manual transmission). I had a 2000 Camry prior to this, and my husband has a sporty black 2003 Camry. I love my toyotas and can't imagine going back to Chevy or Ford (or going to any other make, other than Lexus!) We might get a Tundra when we pay off the 03 Camry.
I love my truck and have had no problem with it whatsoever. Same with both of the Camry's.


  2005.12.12  19.16
Sirius installed

Hello again!

I've had these pics for a while and thought I'd post them. I got Siruis installed in my car shortly after getting it and I recommend it to everyone! I got Sirius and I love all their stations, I've heard XM is better but personally I prefer Sirius since their receivers looked nicer.

:..I love satellite radio..:Collapse )

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  2005.11.16  19.39


i should have guessed there happened to be a toyotagirls community( www.toyotagirls.com, anyone? heh). one or two(or none...) of you might recognize me from there...i WAS a member for a short time, till the initial popularity died. i'm also a frequent poster (and instigator, i'm afraid...) on www.vvt-i.net and www.vvti.net, and i'm one of the few US members of www.corollacustomz.ca

anywhat...on with the car!

i've been a corolla owner/fan for about 8 years now. my first car was a 1994 DX that i smooshed to bits after years of torture...my second(and current) is a 2001 S...my third, which lasted me a whopping 2 weeks before i sold it for a massive profit was a 1985 SR5 5pd.

current vehicleCollapse )

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  2005.10.30  16.10
Updated Info!

Hi girls.

I updated the community info page today. I've added our newest members and their rides. If you don't see yourself in the info, let me know, and I'll add your info.

Also, if you haven't done so yet, you might want to check out toyotagirls.com.

Take care, and drive... OFTEN :)


  2005.10.30  14.25

Not only to the community but also to Toyota!  Nice to meet all of you!

I've heard nothing but good things about toyotas, and have been doing my research on the car I just purchased yesterday!

I'm so excited!!

I'm 30, and I JUST purchased my first ever Brand New car!

Its a 2006 Scion xA, and I absolutely LOVE IT!! 

Its in the new 2006 color, Salsa Red Pearl.. and here is a pic!

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  2005.09.15  00.10

im 18. in south carolina 2005 scion tCCollapse )


  2005.08.17  14.52


www.sciongirls.com is proud to announce that we have just released the *OFFICIAL* sciongirls.com decals! These one of a kind decals are hot off the press and ready to proudly be displayed on your ride!

These 9" x 2" decals are available in white, pink, and *LIMITED EDITION* silver! Perfect for any Scion!




  2005.08.15  21.01
New girl here!

Hey, I'm a 19 year old girl from western New York (not the city), and I just bought my first car ever, a 1992 Camry XLE.  I'm sooo excited about it.  It's white, with a blue interior and has all the bells and whistles.  It was surprisingly modern for being '92, in my opinion.  Anyways, I just wanted to say hi, and I'm glad to be a part of this community.

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  2005.07.25  23.07
New girl in town

Hello! I joined a few days ago and have been meaning to say hello to everyone.
I'm 25 and live in IL. I've owned a Toyota for 6 years, my first was a 96 Corolla which I recently gave to my mom.
For the past month I have driven my pride and joy, a 05 Prius which I love to pieces.

I saved up for her for 2 years to get a decent down payment and she was worth every penny. These pics were cross-posted.

:..I love her..:Collapse )

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  2005.07.12  05.45


I've had a Ford Focus for 2 years and it has been a total piece of crap car so currently I'm shopping for a new car. I've been looking around for one that would be more dependable and would last for a while so I've finally decided on a Toyota Camry. I found this community and thought it would be cool to get an some imput from some other women. Currently I'm looking for purchase a 2003 or 2004 Camry. Can anybody give me any Pro's or Con's to my decision?


  2005.07.05  22.29

Oh man, this community is great. Toyota forever. My fam had a 91' maroon Previa, which I learned to drive in. Rock on. Because that one was eventually dying, , and we love the Previa no much, we got another Previa, not sure which year, but in gold. The perfect minivan. =) I now drive a dark grayish 00' Camry. Such a good car! *heart*

What an awesome community!

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