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Not only to the community but also to Toyota!  Nice to meet all of you!

I've heard nothing but good things about toyotas, and have been doing my research on the car I just purchased yesterday!

I'm so excited!!

I'm 30, and I JUST purchased my first ever Brand New car!

Its a 2006 Scion xA, and I absolutely LOVE IT!! 

Its in the new 2006 color, Salsa Red Pearl.. and here is a pic!

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oh man, you look so happy! i was to when i got my baby. congrats! and welcome to the community.
Thanks so much!! I was ecstatic yesterday, so much I was crying in the dealership waiting for my paperwork. I just couldn't believe I was a new owner of a Scion xA, which I had been researching for quite a few months... *sigh*

I had to pinch myself :-p
very cute :) Nice color!
Hi! Welcome! I LOVE that color. Our xA is Indigo Ink Pearl, but that Salsa Red is just sexy!

I added you to the info page, by the way.

Congratulations on your new car.
I was actually wanting the Indigo Ink Pearl, but this was the ONLY one they had on the lot, and I fell in love with it before they even told me the wait for the Indigo Ink... good thing I guess. LOL

Thanks for the addition! ;-)
hey i saw you posted in sciontists too - welcome! too bad ya don't live in florida - we have a scion club here. be sure to join the nationwide sciongirls club too.