Brittaney (brittcentric) wrote in toyotagirls,


Hi I'm new to this community. I have 4 Toyota trucks I have a silver 89 single cab I drive daily, a 96 black extended cab I occasionally drive and two off-roading trucks. I have an blue 82 single cab truck that is completely stripped with 35 inch Buckshots on the front and 35 inch Super Swamper Boggers on the back that is just used for Mud racing/bogging. I compete every summer in my "race truck" at all the different fairs throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. My 4th truck is just used for trail riding/4-wheeling it is an 85 extended cab with the same tire set-up as my "race truck". Both my off-roading trucks have a weber carbureator with offenhauser intakes and port and polished 20r heads. My step-dad worked for Toyota for about fifteen years and he taught me every trick of the trade he knows. I'm very passionate about Toyota's everyone in my Family drives one except for my step-dad's Chevy. I have built all my trucks with junk that we pieced together from spare parts and had great success with it!
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