Rainne (xdawnfirex) wrote in toyotagirls,

Howdy howdy!

Hi! I am new here, and I thought I'd post because I am a brand-new Toyota Chick.

Several years ago I got out of a Jeep Cherokee and into a Kia Sephia and I was so very displeased that I got out of the Kia in a matter of months and went back to a Cherokee, swearing I'd never own another car that wasn't a Jeep.

Well, with gas prices and costs of ownership being what they are these days, I had to go back on my promise, and I am now the proud owner of a 2008 Yaris! I LOVE IT. It's so little and cute and sporty and it goes meep-meep like the Roadrunner when I hit the horn!!!! eeeeee! ^_^

Anyway, yeah, I'm a dork. :) But I also love my new Yaris. I've already put almost 200 miles on it (I bought it last Thursday) and I've barely used a quarter of a tank of gas. I can't believe the fuel economy. If I was still driving my '00 Cherokee, I'd have already had to fill it up by now. And since I drive 50 miles a day or thereabouts going to school and back again, this is AMAZING for me.

Anyway... Hi! ^_^
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